Saturday, 15 December 2012

MELBOURNE: Phillip Island

Catwalk at the wildlife park? I think yes!

Blown away by the view...literally 

The "Blowhole"
A not so glamourous wind blown effect pose
ROAD TRIP! with my DJ/"Photographer"/tour guide Serge 
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Black Romper/jumpsuit with a gold belt + oversized black sunglasses
Romper/ Jumpsuit: LATIN CLOTHING CO. Belt: FOREVER NEW, Sunglasses: SABO SKIRT, BAG: LOUIS VUITTON, Shoes: Famous Footwear

Today we went for a road trip down to the beautiful Phillip Island. There are restaurants, cafes, shops, and many attractions to see. It is a cute little beach community and a must see if visiting Melbourne! The coast line off Melbourne is beautiful. I loved walking along the boardwalk but the wind was insane, and I struggled not to get choked to death by my own hair! We also visited the wildlife park where I fed the most friendliest or hungriest kangaroos! They literally jumped on you to get some food and ate straight out of your hand. It was incredible, and scary by the expression shown on my face haha. 

I love black jumpsuits! In this wind it was the perfect outfit. It looks like a dress but they are actually shorts. Ever since I saw Nicole Ritchie wear one, I have been on the hunt for the perfect one. This one is great because you can dress it up or down. I added a gold belt to tie in the waist line. But you could easily dress it up with statement accessories and heels for a night out on the town. 

I officially love Melbourne and I can't wait to return! Thank you for such a great trip Serge! 

-Summer xo

Thursday, 13 December 2012


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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Me and my Melbourne Tour guide freezing at St Kilda!
Sunset in St Kilda

Current Obsession: shopping online at SABO SKIRT! 
Dress & Sunglasses : SABO SKIRT, Blazer: Forever 21 Bag: FOREVER NEW, Shoes: Famous Footwear

First of all, forgive me for the poor quality of pictures, I had to rely on my iphone! Which sadly isn't even an iphone 5, perhaps santa is a Summers Lookbook fan and will get the hint? 
I am in Melbourne! This is my second time to the city, and I have fallen in love with it! I grew up in Sydney, thinking it was the greatest city in Australia but Melbourne you are definitely making me reconsider. My first day I spent in St Kilda, which does not come close to the beaches at the Gold Coast but is still a cute area. I had my first Belgium Beer at the Belgium Beer Cafe! I think it was my first and last because I quickly changed to my staple drink, vodka cranberry. The only down fall with Melbourne is the weather, it is unpredictable to say the least! It is currently summer in Australia, and I was freezing cold wearing pants and a jacket. 
My second day in Melbourne I caught the train into the city for some shopping and exploring. I was overwhelmed with how busy the city was! I felt like I was in a mini New York. My first destination in the city was to ZARA because sadly we don't have a store in Brisbane. I then went to lunch in China Town with my beautiful Auntie who was in Melbourne for business. I spent the rest of the day wandering around the shops and getting lost in all of the cute little alleyways. There are so many cute little coffee shops, bookstores, vintage shops and restaurants. People eating and drinking coffee on the streets, it was all so European! I loved the atmosphere, the street life and the fashion! 

I will definitely be making another trip to Melbourne, comment below of any suggestions of where your favourite spots in the city are!

Love Summer xx 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


 Getting ready...4 hours later
 Walking to the Arena... skinny b*tches?!

booty shorts=festival uniform
"The Crew" 

My sister on top of the world


I don't even know where to begin to describe how amazing my first music festival experience was! For my American and international readers, music festivals are a huge part of the Australian youth culture. There are so many every year but you have to be 18 to attend (the legal drinking age down under), and since I moved to America one month after my 18th birthday I missed out! 
I loved everything about Stereosonic, the music, the dancing, the fashion, the drinking,  the atmosphere and the most important thing, the high! It also depends on who you go with, and I went with the best group of girls. My sister and my friend Bec are one of a kind, beautiful, down to earth and up for anything! We love and have each others backs unconditionally, our phrase for the day "take one for the team."
The dress code for Stereo.... less is more!!! Apparently lack of clothing is the most important thing to remember when choosing your outift. For good reason! It is scorching hot, I saw beautiful people and bodies everywhere and you are dancing your ass off! 
The music was amazing. Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Example and my favorite and my future husband AVICCI! I definitely caught the festival fever, and I can't wait till the next one. I am now even more motivated to go to Tomorrowland! 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Cover Illustration: PACS 03

I took an art class as an elective subject in my final year at college in the US. I have always enjoyed drawing but after receiving a few not so great grades on artwork in high school I gave up. I was a perfectionist and I couldn't settle for a B. When I took a drawing class at college, my passion quickly kicked in! Our last assignment for the year was to design the cover for the PACS book (a text book that every UOP student has to take in the first and senior year of college). 
We had to submit 2 different cover designs for the PACS 01 and PACS 03 book and the winners would be chosen between the 2 drawing classes. I was pleased to find out my design won for the PACS 03 book! 
I used to take pictures of my work on my iphone and send them to my boyfriend at the time, so thankfully I have them to show you how the design developed from start to finish! I am proud of the fact that I have something published with my illustration, name and photo in it! 

It is a little ironic that I designed a book titled "What is an ethical life"? haha the answer is...NOT MY LIFE!
IN THE FIRST STAGES: Drawing my design in Art Class
STAGE ONE: Making a grid for the facial features and hair
STAGE TWO: adding in the crossword with ethical vocab
STAGE THREE: adding a collage of paper bills
STAGE FOUR: the 'almost' final version of my cover submission
YAY! My cover won, and I finally got my hands on a copy!
My photo and cover explanation on the inside of the book
Reading and thinking to myself...I really don't miss studying at all!
My photo and blurb on the inside of the book!

At the time I wrote my "cover explanation" I was dating a guy with the initials GT, so as romantic as I am, I decided to title my cover illustration "Love you, GT"... needless to say that our relationship didn't last long enough to see the book published! Isn't it a relationship rule don't get a boyfriends name in ink? I thought that only applied for tattoos? I guess not. He was my biggest fan of my artwork and still has all my drawings, so I guess his initials deserve to be there after all. Thank you GT for all the support :)