Thursday, 11 October 2012

Black on Black

TOP: Ally, SKIRT: Dotti, BELT& WATCH: Michael Kors, BAG: Louis Vuitton (Speedy 35), SHOES: Famous Footwear, SUNGLASSES: Steve Madden

Today we went into the city to a marketing meeting with a company called Simjen. The meeting went really well but the weather was horrible! I made my parents get out of the car to take these pictures, Mum was holding the camera while my Dad was holding an umbrella above her! Just to get a few pictures without the wind in my face was an epic mission, but in the end we got it!
As I said in my last post I love leather. I recently bought this leather skirt on sale for $30! Not to mention I also bought this sheer blouse for $20 and the shoes were $25. I love clothes but I hate to wear the same outfit more than a few times, so I buy inexpensive pieces but invest in staple accessories that wont easily go out of style. 
My pride and joy in my expanding closet is my Louis bag! I have always wanted one since I was little, and on my 21st Birthday I got one. Where at? New York City on 5th Avenue of course! It was such a special moment and they even monogramed my initials on the handle as a birthday gift.