Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Style Icon: Miroslava Duma


Miroslava Duma (Mira Duma) is the definition of a style icon! She is young, fabulous and incredibly successful. She is only 25, and is the editor of Russian Harper's Bazaar Magazine and is a freelance writer for many fashion publications. Her style is versatile, chic, and oh so bold. She isn't afraid to dress ultra glamorous, feminine or masculine.  She takes risks, and she pulls them off with her gorgeous little baby face. She has a two year old boy, a husband, a successful career, travels the world, wears amazing designer clothes and she is only 25. If only I could get my life sorted.... 

I just quit both of my part time jobs... New Year, fresh start, time to start my career! 
Looking forward to this year. Last year was great- I graduated from College in America, I travelled, I fell in love, (but then experienced heartbreak), I moved back to Australia, partied hard with my best friends, got really close to my beautiful sister again, spent time with my parents (after 4 years living on the other side of the world and lived carefree.
But the party is over! 2013 is MY year! I'm young, single, and more ambitious than ever. I have nothing holding me back! I feel like I could live anywhere and be anything....maybe i'm living in La La land but why not? Think big, dream big, right? 

-Summer xo