Thursday, 29 August 2013


Dress: Forever 21, Shoes: Primark, Sunglasses: Sabo Skirt, Lipstick: Revlon- 'Really Red'

Bonjour! Marseille, France was the first stop on our Carnival Euro cruise. We thought it was only appropriate to wear our 'nautical striped boat dresses accompanied with red lipstick and voila! J' mappelle Summer! 

I spent a few weeks in France on my summer break Freshman year of college but mostly spent time in Paris and Toulous. I loved the culture, but I expected the fashion to be so chic and fabulous but I was very disappointed. The street style is very casual...not dressy and not flashy. Black, black and more black more or less. 
The only thing to see or do in Marseille is the Notre Dame Church. So off we went, following my sisters directions on her ipad...we walked, and walked and walked some more until we realised that we were definitely not in the right place. It should be a strong indicator when you no longer see tourists, and all the street signs and shops were in Arabic. Every woman we passed was covered head to toe in Burkas and everyman we passed was giving us dirty looks. I felt like we were walking through the middle of Egypt not France! After many wrong turns, we were walking through a middle eastern fruit market and someone through a tomato at us! They obviously didn't appreciate our bare legs, or my sisters cleavage. (note to self: do not follow my sisters directions) 
In the end we made it to the top of Notre Dame and the view was spectacular!
 Next destination....and blog post, ITALY!

Summer xo

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Magic Fountain, Barcelona

Dress: Latin Clothing Co. 

If I had to recommend one place to go on a Euro Trip, it would be to see the Magic Fountain in Barcelona. It was one of the best moments of our trip! There is 2 shows per night but only on the weekends, and it is truly magical. Not knowing what to expect, we rode our bikes down various shady alleys in downtown and Barcelona and finally arrived at the Park. There were masses of people sitting, dancing, drinking and singing around this water fountain show. The colours are beautiful and the water shoots high into the sky in rhythm with the music. They first play classical music for the first 30 minutes and then they play modern and top 40 style music. We danced and sang along and gazed up at the fountain in pure amazement! The pictures don't even come close to how great and how many colours this fountain produced. 
Although it was quite romantic and many couples making out and dancing in front of us, I really would not like to be there with anyone else but my sister! This Euro trip has been so great, and this moment would have to be the highlight. 

Stay tuned for more #Eurotrip updates 

Summer xo

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

La Sagrada Familia

Top: Asos, Shorts: Zara, Necklace: DKNY, Watch: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Ray Ban

It is hard to look presentable when traveling in 35 degree heat on bikes! But my sister and I try to look our best, even when our makeup is sweating off while waiting in 45 minute queues to most of the major attraction. When it comes to major attractions in Barcelona, Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia is numero uno. 
It is absolutely stunning, and it is yet to be complete! The architecture is so different to most European churches, very modern but with an old twist. The stain glass windows are a gorgeous a ray of colours, designed in an ombre rainbow. And the detailing of the sculptures on the outside of the church is exquisite!  

I love the back of this top. I don't own a lot of green, but I love the colour of this top (looks best when tanned though). And who can resist peek a boo shoulders? The only problem with cut out back tops is...bra straps! Some people can get away with no bra, I however have natural D cup breast, so a supportive bra is essential to say the least. Since we were going to the beach straight after this, I wore my bathing suit underneath (hence the weird black straps around my neck). If it wasn't so hot or if you are wearing a cut out back at night, I suggest wearing chicken fillets ( the life saving stick on bra's). 

Travel Makeup tip: Use BB cream as a primer- not only is this one SPF 30+ but it will make your foundation last longer !

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Barcelona Beach

White swimsuit: Hot Miami Styles, Denim shorts: Zara, Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Black swimsuit:ASOS, Leather Shorts: Zara, Necklace: DKNY 

Being Australian, I had a very distorted view growing up of what a beach is suppose to look like; white sand, big waves, blue water and a coastline that stretches for miles! Sadly, this is not the case in Europe. Barcelona beach is packed with tourists...their is trash all over the beach, the sand is grey and the water is murky without any waves. It is safe to say Asha (my sister) and I were very disappointed. 

However, the nightclub and bars that stretch along the beach may make up for it! We had a great night dancing our buts off at club Sotavento later that night. 

I love beachwear! I love coverups, beach clothing and denim shorts. For me its a game of, how much of my flabby bits can I cover without looking frumpy haha I have never been much of a bikini girl, mainly because I do not have the body to rock them. I love monokinis and I think they are alot more fashion forward than bikinis. I am not afraid to take risks with clothes, I will almost were anything...anything figure flattering! I think everyone should embrace the one peice swimming costume! They are not just for old ladies, they can look both sexy and classy. Asos have a great range if you want to try ;) 

Summer xox

Thursday, 15 August 2013


T-shirt and Shorts: Zara, Shoes and Backpack: Primark, Sunglasses: Rayban 

Nothing says 'European Summer' like a navy and white nautical striped t-shirt! Paired with a pair of distressed denim shorts and boom....tourist outfit complete! I usually have the rule that if you are going to show more leg, then your chest needs to be covered, and if you show a bit of boob then cover your legs. But when you're riding a bike around Barcelona in 40 degree heat, you're lucky that I am clothed at all! 
This faux leather nude colored back pack has been and absolute life saver. My sister and I like to document our travels excessively so we always want to have a hands free to use the video camera, SLR camera, iphone and yes, sadly my sister also takes pictures on her ipad haha. 

We decided to rent bikes in Barcelona from Budget bikes! We couldn't walk after 2 full days riding around the beautiful city. 
We rode to the Casa Mila (the first pictures)- one of Gaudis masterpeices in the centre of town. It is a high rise apartment building with an amazing rooftop, with funky and creative architecture. It was like a crazy maze... going up and down the stairs and through the tunnels. 
We then rode to one of Barcelona's iconic hot spots, Gaudi's Park de Guell. It was packed with tourists, and a very steep climb (especially with bikes). The mosaics and the design of the park was like no other place in Europe. It is also free to enter! 
At the top of the park there was a bar which was calling my name...I ordered a litre of sangria and the bartender asked, how many glasses? I responded 2 please...My sister then says 'I don't like sangria'...I said I know, but it is embarrassing having one glass and a massive jug to yourself. haha

Keep checking in on our Eurotrip adventures :) 

Summer xox