Thursday, 5 September 2013


Top: Forever New, Skirt: Ally, Shoes: Primark, Sunglasses: Sabo Skirt

Never worn this skirt before...but I am loving the neon! I think it was trending last season but everyone needs a neon piece in their wardrobe for that extra look at me factor :) 

This was our first stop on the trip in Italy! We got off the cruise and decided to rent a car (not the smartest idea, Italian drivers are crazy!). There were 2 hotspots to see and not a whole lot of time to see them. Firstly, we drove about 1 hour and a half to the romantic city of Florence! I am ashamed to say that I recognized most of the city from watching when the cast of Jersey Shore went there! Florence was beautiful, with cobblestone roads and small streets filled with cafes, bars and restaurants. We first went to the Duomo, which is a beautiful and large cathedral. But once again, story of our lives, we could not get in because our shoulders were exposed....sux to be such a skank hey? haha
After getting lost, and trying to avoid heat stroke we went to an Irish pub of all places to have a drink. Everywhere I visit in the world I want to try their national or local drink, so they served me Apperol? It was extremely strong and quite foul :) sorry if I offended any Italians reading this.
We then hopped back into the car and drove to Pisa... A small little town with a leaning tower in the middle of it. Not much to see or do in Pisa. You basically go take your silly photos and make up creative poses and off you go! Great to see and to check off the list ;) 

Next stop... ROMA!!!!

Summer xox