Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Top: Jane Norman, Shorts: shop on Oxford St, Sunglasses: Ray Bans 

Much to my surprise we stopped off at a small coastal town in Turkey. Firstly, I had no idea we were going to Turkey and secondly Ash and I just assumed we were on a island off Turkey...we didn't realize it was the mainland until we got back on to the cruise. The water was beautiful, so we decided to stick to the coast and have a long but pleasant walk (minus every car honking as they drove past) up to a beach called "Ladies Beach". 
My experience of visiting Turkey has not been the greatest. Some people rave about Turkey and love it, however I have been to a few different cities and each time I get harassed and it is the only country that I have travelled to where I feel somewhat vulnerable and uncomfortable. We walked through the bazaar and the Turkish men were saying the most derogatory things to my sister and I. Yes, we weren't dressed conservatively....but does that mean we deserved it ? I don't think so. I have also visited Istanbul and Ismir where I was more covered up and traveling with a tall male and I still felt uncomfortable with the attention. I'm not saying people shouldn't visit Turkey, I am just stating that if you are a young blonde just be wary of this before you go. 

And besides, not everyone is going to love every country...I know people that don't like Australia?! 

Highlight of the day: I was very excited to see a Starbucks at the port....great way to start to the day with my signature grande skinny vanilla latte! 

-Summer xox