Monday, 4 August 2014


Is this the most majestic place you have ever seen? Plitvice national park has to be on everyones bucket list. It is pure paradise, words can't describe how beautiful this place is. I have never seen such neon aqua water. It looked like a fake hollywood set from the movie 'blue lagoon'!

I went to Plitvice a few years ago, however since it appeared on the National Geographic must see natural wonders it has become a lot more touristy. I strongly recommend going as early as possible (the park opens at 8am) to avoid the crowds. The park is so magnificent and so breathtaking... this is a must see destination for everyone visiting Croatia. Wear comfy shoes because their is a lot of walking and the paths get really slippery and with no handrails, skinny walkways and thousands of tourists, it is a mission to not fall in! Unfortunately, you are not allowed to swim in the park, so no need to pack your swimmers. 

We spent the previous day driving 7 hours from Dubrovnik to a town close to the park, where we stayed in the most adorable hotel with a white picket fence and beautiful garden. Well worth the trip from the coast line, and on the plus side the Croatian highways are impressive so it is a very easy drive. 

Also, sorry for the massive delay in posts... there is no excuse for my procrastination ( "get your shit together Summer!!"

-Summer xox