Thursday, 11 September 2014

B&W Korcula

Jacket, Tank Top and camera case: Primark, Shorts: Zara, Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I don't normally do entire blog post in black and white, but with my hangover and the overcast weather it only seems fitting that Korcula is in greyscale. We went out the previous night in Split (Club Tropic)... and my sister and I ended up dancing until the sun came up, literally! We were dancing and splashing around in Bacvice Beach at 5am, it was a memory I will never forget. Well maybe, it was a little hazy due to the many many drinks I consumed! 

We spent the afternoon on the beautiful island of Korcula which is made up of a old fortress that surrounds most of the island. Korcula is most known for being the old stomping grounds of the explorer Marco Polo. So most of our walking tour was based around where he lived and....and...and to be honest I don't remember a whole lot what the tour guide said! (Fragile state of mind at the time) But the good news is, after dinner we went shopping and my Dad bought us each a handbag! I got a fabulous 'celine-esque' red tote bag...thanks parentals! 

-Summer xox