Thursday, 30 October 2014



I have been listening to this song on repeat a lot lately... I know its a bit emo and a bit depressing but I have been a big fan of The Pretty Reckless for a long time now. If you need a good pump up song, highly recommend "Miss Nothing"...its a solid jam. Taylor Momsen has just nailed the badass rocker chic blondie look to a tee. I love her style and I love her attitude. She has evolved her image so much since the innocent days of playing Jenny Humphries in Gossip Girl. 
I had the privilege of meeting her and the band in JFK Airport. They were on my flight from Paris and had just finished their European tour. She was surprisingly pleasant for the brief chat I had with her and I so badly wanted to ask for a picture but we were in customs. 

Well when my mood picks up I may start to add some colour to my blog but from now on you will just have to embrace the black and white.

- Summer xox

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Great Gatsby

Ever feel like there is a song, a movie or a book that just sums up your life at a particular moment in time? The past few weeks have been a roller coaster or major highs and serious lows. For some reason Mr. Fitzgerald just seems to get me right now, which is remarkable because not even I get me at the moment. Gatsby and Daisy had a beautiful love that was so passionate and inspiring. Why did it have to end so tragically? 

- Summer xox